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Mining Careers

Qld Mining Jobs Queensland mining jobs have been harder to come by; the pinch is being felt all over Australia, but having the right "tickets" can help you get the Qld ...

Mining Careers
coal mining

  Brief History of the Australian Coal Mining Industry Coal mining dates back to the early days of Australian history. The very first mention extends back in 1797, when it was first ...

Mining News

Local jobs in the mines will be scarce at the proposed half-a-billion dollar Minyango underground coal mine. The mine, located just south of Blackwater, has decided that it will not ...

Mining News

A coal miner who was injured during the performance of his duties in a central Queensland mine back in 2009 was recently awarded a whopping $290,000 by the courts as ...

Mining News

Queensland is home to the new underground mine safety training facility owned by SkillsTech Australia. This state of the art facility is located at the Lennon Underground Mine Safety Training ...

Mining News
mining industry green peace

The Queensland Resource Council has slammed Greenpeace after a group of activists boarded a stationary coal ship in the Coral Sea early this morning. Six Greenpeace activists boarded the ship in ...

Mining News
coal mine

All coal leaving in train cars from billionaire Clive Palmer's prospective China First Coal Mine located in central Queensland will have to be covered. This is a significant change that ...

Mining Companies

Who Is MMG Limited? MMG Limited is a mid-tier global resources mining company which explores, develops and mines base metal deposits around the world. MMG Limited currently own and operate the Century, ...

Mining Training

Koolat Safety has recently signed contracts with Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) and the Strategic Investment Fund (SIF through BERT) to secure partial funding for a wide range of Construction Industry ...

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