900 QLD & NSW Mining Jobs To Go To Polish Miners

Mackay based mining service provider Mastermyne Group is looking to Poland to fill 900 new coal miners for positions in both NSW and QLD mines.

Mastermyne GroupA spokesperson for recruitment company Randstad, on behalf of their client Mastermyne Group, told AFP:

“This is a large-scale project running over three years. Our Australian client aims to recruit some 300 miners a year.” 

And with over 300 polish job seekers answering their advertisements, it seems there is plenty of interest.

Why Polish Workers and Not Australians?

With so much interest in mining jobs from Australian job seekers (see our recap of the Mining Jobs Expo), why are companies looking overseas for workers?

While it can be frustrating for Australian job seekers, companies such as Mastermyne are turning to Poland for workers for a couple of reasons:

  • Mining is a major industry in Poland (with over 100,000 workers)
  • Polish workers are usually well qualified
  • They operate the same (or similar) machinery as in Australian mines
The one problem they are facing is the lack of even basic English language skills, but this is being overcome by ‘improvement classes’  hosted on site by the employer.

About Mastermyne Group

Mastermyne was founded in 1996 in Mackay by Andrew Watts and Darren Hamblin with 2 employees operating in one mine. Today Mastermyne is listed on the ASX and employs over 780 people operating in 20 mine sites in Queensland and New South Wales.

Since its establishment in 1996, Mastermyne has grown significantly both organically and through the acquisition of complementary businesses.

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