Anglo Coal Careers: And Company Profile

Careers At Anglo CoalWith Anglo American being one of the largest mining companies working in Queensland, it is no surprise that a lot of people are looking into Anglo Coal Careers.

Running six mines in Queensland and New South Wales, approximately 5,000 employees and the fact that they are the second largest exporter of metallurgical coal in Australia, Anglo American is a London based firm that is one of the worlds largest diversified mining companies.

Anglo American Queensland Coal Mines

  •  Callide, Biloela
    Callide consists of 4 major pits, and uses both dragline as well as truck and shovel methods for removal. Located in Central Queensland, just 120km south of Gladstone, this project produced over 8.5 million tonnes of Thermal Coal.
  • Dawson, Bowen Basin
    A joint venture between Anglo American and Mitsui Coal Holdings, the Dawson project  produces over 3.5 million tonnes of coal (both metallurgical and thermal.
  • Jellinbah, Central Queensland
    Anglo own a 23% share in this open cut mine that produces low volatile bituminous export coal, mainly used in the steel industry.
  • Foxleigh, Central Queensland
    This mine currently produces 2.5 million tonnes of premium pulverised coal injection call each year. This figure is said to increase to full capacity (3.3 million tonnes) once rail and port expansions are complete.
  • Capcoal, Central Queensland
    Another joint venture between Anglo coal and Mitsui Coal Holdings, this mine operates as 3 underground mines and an open cut mine that produces hard coking coal for export steel markets.
  • Moranbah North, Bowen Basin
    Producing high Fluidity hard coking coal, this project produces around 2.5 million tonnes of coal a year.

Anglo Coal Careers: Where To Find Them

  • Adult Entry Apprenticeships

    If you have specific skills but no qualifications, a recent Central Queensland news article tells of how Anglo American is one of the mining companies working with National Apprenticeshipsto help people fast track apprenticeships for people who have the skills bu no formal qualification.Anglo American has already taken on 19 of these workers (said to get between #70,000 and $120,000/year from day one), and is in formal discussions to take more.

    Learn more at: National Apprenticeships

  • Apprenticeships & Traineeships

    Anglo have a regular intake of apprentices and trainees and this is annually between July & November. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get a start with one of the largest mining companies, where you will learn your trade and gain that elusive ‘experience‘ that every job seems to need.

    Learn more at: Anglo American Employment

  • Available Careers

    Now you could get in contact with a mining recruitment company, but Anglo American already list all currently available jobs on their website. You can search by keyword, work type, company division and location, and if you are considering an Anglo coal career, this would be a great place to start.

    Find them at: Current Career Opportunities

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