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QLD Mining Jobs

Qld Mining Jobs Queensland mining jobs have been harder to come by; the pinch is being felt all over Australia, but having the right "tickets" can help you get the Qld mining job you're looking for!  If you're new to the mining industry, you might be wondering what a "ticket" is.  These are different certifications…

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coal mining

The Australian Coal Mining Industry

  Brief History of the Australian Coal Mining Industry Coal mining dates back to the early days of Australian history. The very first mention extends back in 1797, when it was first discovered in South Wales by survivors of a ship wreck. Surgeon Bass confirmed the discovery soon after when he found it south of…

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Fly In Fly Out Mining Jobs in Queensland

Fly-In, Fly-Out is an employment method commonly used in the mining industry, especially in Australian mining states like Queensland. Typically, a Fly In, Fly out roster involves long hour workdays, for a few continuous days. After the given working time frame, the employee will then be sent home for their time off. Advantages of Holding…

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