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The line up to get into the Sunshine Coast mining jobs expo

Sunshine Coast Mining & Gas Jobs Expo: A Recap

For the last couple of weeks, since we heard the announcement of the QLD Mining And Gas Jobs expos, we were getting excited about covering the event, chatting with some of the major employers and training providers on your behalf and being able to provide a good overview of the event – for all those…

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Queensland Mining Jobs Expo: Locations & Information

In response to the ‘proposed 38,000 new mining jobs‘ and also in an effort to make sure that the majority of these positions are filled by Queenslanders, the Queensland Government (in conjunction with local councils and major employers) is hosting a series of 1 day mining and gas jobs expos around the state. What Is…

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38,000 projected new miing jobs in Queensland

‘38,000 New Queensland Mining Jobs By 2014-15’

SkillsTech Australia, one of the states leading TAFE institutes with over 20,000 students, has had over $200 million committed to it from the Queensland Government for the development of its facilities after Premier Bligh’s announcement of the ‘Resource 101‘ courses aimed at fast tracking new employees into QLD mining jobs. This news comes alongside the…

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