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The Australian Coal Mining Industry

  Brief History of the Australian Coal Mining Industry Coal mining dates back to the early days of Australian history. The very first mention extends back in 1797, when it was first discovered in South Wales by survivors of a ship wreck. Surgeon Bass confirmed the discovery soon after when he found it south of…

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Queensland mining job

Getting A Mining Job In QLD: What You Need To Know

Recently we posed the question on our Facebook Page (like to stay updated), ‘What is the hardest thing about getting a mining job in QLD?’, and we received a resounding ‘EVERYTHING” as an answer. With the proposed 38,000 new mining jobs in QLD, you would be mistaken for thinking that getting a job in a…

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Mining Resume Templates: Specific or Generic?

When it all comes down to it, your resume is a recruiters first introduction to you – and a lot of the time they do not do you justice. Most industries have a competitive jobs market, but few would rival the mining industry. This is the exact reason why if you are serious about applying…

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Mining Recruitment Agencies

There are so many mining companies and contracted businesses that finding a job in the mines can be quite daunting. This is why it is usually a good idea to get in contact with mining recruitment agencies. These agencies already have connections (and jobs) with a lot of the major mining companies, they know what…

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