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Partially Funded Construction Industry Training Opportunity – Up to 50%

Koolat Safety has recently signed contracts with Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) and the Strategic Investment Fund (SIF through BERT) to secure partial funding for a wide range of Construction Industry short courses and Qualifications in Queensland. A great opportunity is being presented by Koolat Safety for those looking to increase their qualifications. A selection of…

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Information on Resources 101

Resources 101 Course

There is a lot of buzz being generated about mining jobs after the announcement of a proposed 38,000 new Queensland mining jobs and now the Resources 101 course aimed at helping eligible QLD job seekers into the state’s booming resources sector. Let’s take a closer look at the ‘Resources 101’ course and see what it’s…

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dump truck training courses and information

Dump Truck Training Courses

Dump truck driving jobs are some of the most talked about opportunities when it comes to entry level mining positions, but unless you have some form of driving experience you will most likely never get a response to your applications. That is why this article is going to look into dump truck training courses in…

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excavator training providers and courses

Excavator Training

There is a lot of interest in dump truck mining jobs, but you hardly hear anything about people considering a job as an excavator operator. In this article we will take a look at excavator training, what is required and who are the training providers. Types Of Excavators In The Mines The whole process of…

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