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Clive Palmer’s $8.1 billion coal mine forced to make multiple alterations to plans

All coal leaving in train cars from billionaire Clive Palmer’s prospective China First Coal Mine located in central Queensland will have to be covered. This is a significant change that comes after original plans were approved.

The coordinator-general of Queensland has requested a supplementary environmental impact study (EIS) from Waratah Coal on the $8.1 billion project. The original study received more than 1,800 submissions from the public, sending up red flags and necessitating the decision.

May 6 is the final day for supplementary EIS submissions on the Queensland project.

Traditionally, bottom dump wagons are used for the unloading of coal but the new document contains detailed plans for the use of gondola style wagons.

coal mine

According to Waratah Coal, by making this change and incorporating fibreglass covers, a significant amount of coal dust escaping from the wagons will be reduced.

To further minimise the impact of the coal dust on local area landowners, the site proposed for the rail line from the mine to the coal terminal in Abbot Point has been relocated. Making this change will also benefit the GVK Hancock Mine.

Other aspects of the project that will undergo changes include scrapping of a tailings dam and the removal of the Tallarenha Creek Dam as a potential source of water for the project.

Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney has defended the period of just one month set aside for comments on the project.

Mr Seeney says that is long enough because people have already had a chance to raise issues about the mining project.

“Most people have already had an opportunity to put in a submission on these issues in the original EIS,” he said.

“The fact that they are getting a second opportunity is something that’s not always afforded, but it was decided to give the opportunity for a second round of consultation in this case, because of the changes to the original and because of the size of the project.”

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