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Getting A Mining Job In QLD: What You Need To Know

Queensland mining jobRecently we posed the question on our Facebook Page (like to stay updated), ‘What is the hardest thing about getting a mining job in QLD?’, and we received a resounding ‘EVERYTHING” as an answer.

With the proposed 38,000 new mining jobs in QLD, you would be mistaken for thinking that getting a job in a QLD mine would be easy – but I’m sure you have already realised that this is definitely no the case.

So if there are jobs out there, then what are the majority of job seekers doing wrong that is stopping them from getting a mining job in QLD?

Advice For Getting A QLD Mining Job

I was recently chatting with a former mine ‘shift boss’, who is now lead trainer for a growing mining training company, and he was telling me that the mines are definitely hiring (and he would know because they are asking him for staff recommendations).

So if you are just starting to apply for QLD mining jobs, or have been trying for a while but seem to be getting no where – here is some advice.

  • Only Pay For Proven Training Courses

    There are a lot of ‘recruitment’ and ‘training’ companies wanting your money and there are money than a couple of unscrupulous ones. You just have to do a quick search of the internet to find stories like this one that show the effort people will go to scam people out of their money. That being said their are legitimate training companies that provide accredited or industry recognised courses that can definitely be of benefit when applying for jobs.

    Things To Look For In A Training Course:

    1. Are They Accredited/Industry Recognised?
    When doing your research always look to see if the training companies are either accredited by the government, or industry recognised – meaning that major companies in the industry use or recommend them.
    2. Do They Have A Good Reputation?
    A quick Google search of a training or recruitment companies name should give you a good idea of the legitimacy of their business. A lot of mining job seekers unfortunately get burnt by illegitimate companies and this is usually a good way to do a quick check of what other people are saying about the companies.
    3. Can You Contact Past Students?
    Another great thing to do is give the training company a quick call and ask them to fax or email you a list of past students that you can call. If they can’t do this then chances are you do not want to deal with them.

  • Make Sure Your Resume Is Up To Scratch

    You will be happy to know that almost everyone struggles with creating their resume – and this should be seen as a positive. If you create a standout resume, be that by using a mining resume template or hiring a professional resume company – you will definitely help you job prospects. Make sure you target your resume to your desired position and have a unique cover letter.

  • Find Your ‘Contact’ In The Mines

    Have you ever noticed how that whenever you ask someone how they got a job in the mine, they always seem to have a connection? It is time to find your connection. If you know someone working in the mining industry or a mining community give them a quick call and let them know you are looking for a mining job in a QLD mine and to keep an ear our for openings. Current workers always seem to know about jobs early and this could be your foot into the industry.

  • Be Persistent – But Not Invasive

    And finally, don’t give up too soon. Mining and recruitment companies get a lot resumes landing on their desk but if they start hearing from you every couple of months to follow up – they will start to understand that you are serious. A lot of job seekers are looking for a quick job with big money and are not willing to put in the work to get the job so when someone comes along and shows persistence and continues to their job search even after 3-6 months of rejection, it obviously shows that they are motivated.

    On this note though, in know way is this a suggestion to rock up to a companies office and state that you are not leaving until you get a job, this has been suggested by some people as a way of getting a job – but more likely you will just have the police called on you.

So if you want grab one of the 38,000 new mining jobs in QLD (by 2014/15), then consider the advice above, find your connection to the mining industry and be sure to be persistent with your job search.

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