Gladstone Mines

Gladstone is a town located on the coast of Queensland and is well known for its strong mining sector, and consistent supply of resource and engineering sources to the region. There are currently 26 major mines that are situated in Gladstone.

Below is a shortlist of some of the mining companies currently operating in Gladstone Mines, Australia.

Dawson Complex

The Dawson Complex mines is located approximately 185km south-west of Gladstone. The company currently incorporates several coal mining operations that have been in operations since 1961. Since 2001, there have been continuous changes in the ownership by passing down the mines from Rio Tinto’s subsidiary to Coal and Allied, and finally to Anglo Coal Mining Company in 2002. Surface and underground mining methods are being used to extract coking coal, as well as recover methane from the coal-bed during the operations. The company currently employs around 470 employees, and has the capacity of producing an estimated 2.5Mt/y of thermal coal and 4.5Mt/y soft coking coal.

Gladstone Pacific Nickel Limited (GPNL)

The Gladstone Pacific Nickel Limited or GPNL, is an Australian based mining company which currently operates a 3.65 billion USD nickel and cobalt refinery at the Gladstone Mines area in Central Queensland, Australia. The company is planning to build their refinery at the Port of Gladstone, to get enough water supply for treating their high-grade nickel laterite ores mined from New Caledonia and from the Pacific Islands. Today, their project has all the potential of being one of the biggest nickel refinery projects in the world and as early as Stage 1, the company has plans of producing around 5,000 tons of cobalt and 63,000 tons of cobalt every year by using the high pressure acid leach or HPAL process.

AngloAmerican Mining Corp.

The AngloAmerican Mining Corp. is just one of the many mining firms currently in operations at the Gladstone Mines, Queensland Australia. One of their projects is the Callide site, which uses open-cut mining operations to extract low sulphur and sub-bituminous thermal coals used for power generation. The company employs around 450 regular employees (excluding contractors), and uses shovel and dragline and truck methods for removing overburden. The 225 metric tons of annual coal reserves at Callide mines contain approximately 10 metric ton of saleable coal, which is sold to nearby power stations through overland conveyor or train transportation.

There are still other mining projects at the Gladstone Mines in Queensland, Australia and with the mineral reserves that the area contains, it will be no surprise if more mining sites will be in operation in the next few years.

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