Mackay: map of central Queensland

Mining Jobs Mackay

Mackay: map of central QueenslandMackay is no long a secret mining town. With an already booming resource industry, things are about to kick up a gear further with the construction of a massive mine 400km out of Mackay in the Galilee Basin.

Said to create over 5,000  jobs during the construction period as well as thousands of mining jobs in Mackay when it is completed!

A Closer Look At Mackay

The region is home to over 143,000 people (source) and aside from the Bowen Basin producing around 85% of Australia’s coal, Mackay is also the largest producer of sugar in Australia as well!

With a growing tourism market (over 750,000 locals and international tourist annually), the region is setting itself up well for when all the resources have finally been mined – which does not look like it will be very soon.

Housing Prices

The one downside to a mining boom is that with the massive influx of new residents, competition for houses (both new constructions and old) gets stronger – meaning higher house prices.

With the median house price now over $400,000, it is definitely not cheap. But if you are moving up for a couple of years with a mining job contract, it might be an alternate option to renting. When it comes to rent, the RTA shows average rent for a 3 bedroom house is $400/week.

How To Find Mining Jobs In Mackay

If you have experience in the mining industry (especially with coal) then you will find it a lot easier to find work than most other people. A recent news article said that when 250 dump truck driver jobs came on offer, over 5,000 people applied! So obviously applicants with skills and experience are going to have an edge on unskilled workers applying for mining jobs.

Here Are A Couple Of Local Recruitment Companies:

Another great resource is The Radar, which is an online jobs website for central Queensland, and they have plenty on jobs online ranging from mining jobs, to administration.

Learn about different towns that rely on the resource sector by visiting our mining communities page.

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