mining recruitment agencies

Mining Recruitment Agencies

mining recruitment agenciesThere are so many mining companies and contracted businesses that finding a job in the mines can be quite daunting. This is why it is usually a good idea to get in contact with mining recruitment agencies.

These agencies already have connections (and jobs) with a lot of the major mining companies, they know what they want and can help you try and find the right mining job for you personally.

Why Use A Recruitment Agency?

Aside from the connections that these agencies already have, there are a few benefits of using a specialised mining recruitment agency over a more generic employment agency or going it alone.

  1. They Only Work With Mining Jobs

    Recruitment staff at these mining employment agencies are working with mining applicants all day. Since this is their sole specialisation, they become experts at recruiting for resource industry – and it is always best to work with people who understand your situation.

  2. They Know What The Mining Companies Want

    Since they are working solely with mining companies, they have an acute understanding of what each company is looking for in applicants for certain jobs and can help you with suggestions for your resume and application related to specific jobs you may be applying for.

  3. It Gets Your Face In Front Of Someone

    When you are using the popular jobs websites, you are sending out a lot of job applications, but in all honesty, you are just another name in a pile of resumes. By going and discussing your situation, face-to-face with the staff at one of the mining recruitment agencies, you are putting your face to your name and showing that you are being proactive with your job search.

Queensland Mining Recruitment Agencies

The easiest way to find recruitment agencies to get in contact with is by work of mouth (people who have already worked with them), or on a search engine like Google. However, here is a few to get you started – but make sure you do your own research before giving them a call.

For recruitment companies in other sites, reference this list.

Anything To Avoid?

Since there are so many people interested in mining jobs in QLD, there are always going to be other people and companies ready to take advantage of unsuspecting job hunters.

A couple of things to stop you from dealing with an less than legitimate ‘recruitment’ companies is:

  • Always Work With Reputable Agencies

    There are plenty of well-known recruitment agencies, so there is no real need to work with anyone else. If you don’t know of any, ask around and see if you can get a recommendation. And if you are not sure about a company, type their company name into Google and see what comes up.

  • Don’t Pay Money Up Front

    There are some companies that are asking for upfront payment to help you find a job in the mines. This is usually the first sign to beware. Only pay money for training, or to get your resume done – not for recruitment services (because the mining companies are paying the mining recruitment agencies already!

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