Will $100 Million Stop the Creation of 2,000+ Mining Jobs?

An interesting news story hit the major outlets recently about a major mining company potentially having the desire to build a mine in  a small town and the town’s council asking for $100million in return for the approval to do so. (read one of the many versions of the news story here) What’s Your Initial…

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Fly In Fly Out Mining Jobs in Queensland

Fly-In, Fly-Out is an employment method commonly used in the mining industry, especially in Australian mining states like Queensland. Typically, a Fly In, Fly out roster involves long hour workdays, for a few continuous days. After the given working time frame, the employee will then be sent home for their time off. Advantages of Holding…

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sunshine coast fifo services

Sunshine Coast to See an Increase in Fly-In-Fly-Out Services

The Sunshine Coast Council has announced that they are currently having discussions with a number of airlines and mining companies (currently unnamed) about an additional FIFO services as well as increased employment of Sunshine Coast residents. This comes after Rio Tinto (through Skytrans) increase their FIFO services to four times a week. As things are…

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Gladstone Mines

Gladstone is a town located on the coast of Queensland and is well known for its strong mining sector, and consistent supply of resource and engineering sources to the region. There are currently 26 major mines that are situated in Gladstone. Below is a shortlist of some of the mining companies currently operating in Gladstone…

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Queensland mining job

Getting A Mining Job In QLD: What You Need To Know

Recently we posed the question on our Facebook Page (like to stay updated), ‘What is the hardest thing about getting a mining job in QLD?’, and we received a resounding ‘EVERYTHING” as an answer. With the proposed 38,000 new mining jobs in QLD, you would be mistaken for thinking that getting a job in a…

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900 QLD & NSW Mining Jobs To Go To Polish Miners

Mackay based mining service provider Mastermyne Group is looking to Poland to fill 900 new coal miners for positions in both NSW and QLD mines. A spokesperson for recruitment company Randstad, on behalf of their client Mastermyne Group, told AFP: “This is a large-scale project running over three years. Our Australian client aims to recruit…

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The line up to get into the Sunshine Coast mining jobs expo

Sunshine Coast Mining & Gas Jobs Expo: A Recap

For the last couple of weeks, since we heard the announcement of the QLD Mining And Gas Jobs expos, we were getting excited about covering the event, chatting with some of the major employers and training providers on your behalf and being able to provide a good overview of the event – for all those…

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Mining Resume Templates: Specific or Generic?

When it all comes down to it, your resume is a recruiters first introduction to you – and a lot of the time they do not do you justice. Most industries have a competitive jobs market, but few would rival the mining industry. This is the exact reason why if you are serious about applying…

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bhp mining jobs

BHP Mining Jobs

BHP is one of the major players in the Queensland mining industry, so it is not doubt that a lot of people are on the lookout for BHP mining jobs. Let’s take a closer look at the company, where they are mining and what jobs they have on offer. Who Is BHP Biliton? With international…

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