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QLD Mines: Where They Are Located

Interested in learning where all the QLD mines are? Whether just out of interest or as research for finding a mining job, below you will find a list of mines in Queensland, ranging for the ones run by the major mining companies right down to smaller operations. List Of QLD Mines (In Production & Closed)…

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Jobs In Emerald

There are a lot of people interested in finding jobs in Emerald because it is some what of a hub for both mining and agricultural industry. If you are interested in working in Emerald then find out about the area, what makes it tick and where all the jobs are. About Emerald, Queensland Located in…

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Information on Resources 101

Resources 101 Course

There is a lot of buzz being generated about mining jobs after the announcement of a proposed 38,000 new Queensland mining jobs and now the Resources 101 course aimed at helping eligible QLD job seekers into the state’s booming resources sector. Let’s take a closer look at the ‘Resources 101’ course and see what it’s…

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Anglo Coal Careers: And Company Profile

With Anglo American being one of the largest mining companies working in Queensland, it is no surprise that a lot of people are looking into Anglo Coal Careers. Running six mines in Queensland and New South Wales, approximately 5,000 employees and the fact that they are the second largest exporter of metallurgical coal in Australia,…

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Queensland Mining Jobs Expo: Locations & Information

In response to the ‘proposed 38,000 new mining jobs‘ and also in an effort to make sure that the majority of these positions are filled by Queenslanders, the Queensland Government (in conjunction with local councils and major employers) is hosting a series of 1 day mining and gas jobs expos around the state. What Is…

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38,000 projected new miing jobs in Queensland

‘38,000 New Queensland Mining Jobs By 2014-15’

SkillsTech Australia, one of the states leading TAFE institutes with over 20,000 students, has had over $200 million committed to it from the Queensland Government for the development of its facilities after Premier Bligh’s announcement of the ‘Resource 101‘ courses aimed at fast tracking new employees into QLD mining jobs. This news comes alongside the…

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mining recruitment agencies

Mining Recruitment Agencies

There are so many mining companies and contracted businesses that finding a job in the mines can be quite daunting. This is why it is usually a good idea to get in contact with mining recruitment agencies. These agencies already have connections (and jobs) with a lot of the major mining companies, they know what…

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dump truck training courses and information

Dump Truck Training Courses

Dump truck driving jobs are some of the most talked about opportunities when it comes to entry level mining positions, but unless you have some form of driving experience you will most likely never get a response to your applications. That is why this article is going to look into dump truck training courses in…

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xstrata jobs & careers

Xstrata Jobs & Company Overview

Xstrata runs a few commodity businesses within Queensland, including copper, coal and zinc. These 3 businesses include a total of 12 operations and projects, and there are currently more than 8,000 Xstrata jobs filled across Queensland. Xstrata Global Overview This is by no means just a local mining company, with major operations in 18 countries…

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