QLD Miner Receives $290,000 Settlement for on the job Injury

A coal miner who was injured during the performance of his duties in a central Queensland mine back in 2009 was recently awarded a whopping $290,000 by the courts as compensation.


Timothy James Klein was working at the Timothy James Klein, located just northwest of Rockhampton in 2009. It was there he injured his back while trying to lift a heavy object.

During the hearing in a Rockhampton court, Klein explained that the injury occurred when he attempted to lift a rack bar weighing 180 kilograms. An “explosion of pain” tore through his lower back when he attempted to lift and move it.

As a result, Klein sought $1.9 million from SBD Services, his employer at the time of the incident. The court did not agree with the amount requested and Justice Duncan McMeekin ordered SBD Services to pay $290,000 to Klein as compensation for his injuries.

It appears Klein’s days holding a mining job are over. While Justice Duncan McMeekin did award him compensation, acknowledging that Klein could probably forget about working in mining, the justice also stated the actual weight of the rack bar was a matter of dispute. McMeekin expressed his opinion of Klein’s condition saying he had only suffered six percent permanent damage.

Still, Klein will be unable to hold a mining job for the rest of his life and will need to seek other employment. The settlement will help cover expenses until he is able to find another job.

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