QLD Mining Jobs

Qld Mining Jobs

qld-mining-jobQueensland mining jobs have been harder to come by; the pinch is being felt all over Australia, but having the right "tickets" can help you get the Qld mining job you're looking for!  If you're new to the mining industry, you might be wondering what a "ticket" is.  These are different certifications miners must get for their jobs. 

In Queensland, the Department of Natural Resources and Mines sets the safety standards for work in a mine and employers must make sure the person doing the job has the proper training by checking his certification/s or tickets.  Many employers will procure the training the employee needs after they hire the person; this takes time and money.  Plus, with the competitive job market, employers are free to pick which resumes they look at.   Bring your resume to the top of the pile by getting the tickets you need for the job you want today.

In March of 2014, the Qld government was even offering a subsidy to workers seeking forklift license training.  In today's job market, training is essential.  Employers have the upper hand; they can afford to only hire a percentage of applicants.  Your resume is often the only information the employers know about you when they are making interview decisions—make an impression! 

If you're applying to a Qld mining job, find out which certifications are required for the job you're applying for.  Some training classes are pretty expensive and making sure the ticket is required before you enroll may save you a bundle. Having the right certifications on your resume will tell employers that you're ready to work and that you can handle most physical aspects of the job.  Many first time miners find the job too physically demanding and not what they expected.  Certification classes usually include a hands-on component or real life simulation of conditions and hazards so they can teach you how to safely handle situations. 

Holding the certification also tells employers that you know how to work safely.  Mining is potentially one of the most dangerous professions in the world; innovations in safety equipment and comprehensive employee training have drastically reduced the risks.  Employers care as much about safe working habits as they do about ability and strength.  Safety is the #1 concern in the mining industry for several reasons; of course, nobody wants to see anyone get hurt, plus mining companies' reputations are very important.  Mine site leases and approvals are granted to companies partially based on safety reputations.  Insurance rates increase when there are accidents and it may be difficult to attract new employees if the company has a reputation for injuries.

An Indian company was recently given preliminary approval by the Queensland government to open a "super-mine" in the Galilee Basin.  The federal government of Australia must also approve the plans and the mining company must abide by several conditions set forth by the Qld coordinator-general.  If the coal mine gets the go ahead from the Commonwealth, it may employ as many as 2,500 workers in the construction phase and nearly 4,000 miners!  The Galilee Basin mine will be the largest in Australia and possibly the world.  The increase in Qld mining jobs could be a major factor in the eastern Australia job market for years to come. 

Many mining companies are vying for a chance to build mines in the coal and mineral rich Galilee Basin.  Experts estimate that exploitation of the region's deposits could be worth $60 billion and create up to 15,000 new jobs!  The stiff competition for mine approvals from the government causes a company to vehemently protect their safety record. 

With dozens of schools offering training and certifications, they also compete to provide the highest quality and most comprehensive training.  They have an interest in the safety of their students, but you are also guaranteed good training because the schools want the companies to send students there.  Safety reputations are of the utmost importance in this industry; from workers having state mandated tickets to companies getting government approval for new mines. 

Getting certifications on your own can be vital in today's job climate; it will make the difference between employers seeing you as ready to work or knowing they'll have to take a chance and send you to a class you might not even pass!  If you want to get involved in the lucrative mining industry, but you don't know how to get your foot in the door, take some classes, get some tickets.  When you apply for a Qld mining job, employers will see you are ready to work!

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