The line up to get into the Sunshine Coast mining jobs expo

Sunshine Coast Mining & Gas Jobs Expo: A Recap

For the last couple of weeks, since we heard the announcement of the QLD Mining And Gas Jobs expos, we were getting excited about covering the event, chatting with some of the major employers and training providers on your behalf and being able to provide a good overview of the event – for all those who could not attend.

On Friday we attended the expo held on the Sunshine Coast in the Caloundra Events Centre, along with over 5,000 people who were keen to learn more about mining jobs in QLD.

The One and A Half Hour Wait To Get In…

The line up to get into the Sunshine Coast mining jobs expo

The image above is what greeted us when we arrive (well one of the two massive lines) and to be honest, we almost just turned around and went home. After snapping a few photos we decided to jump on the end of the shorter of the two lines and hope that it wouldn’t take us too long to get in.

About 45 minutes into our wait, we were still about 20 meters from the entrance and thankfully there were event staff walking down the aisle, handing out free water – because it was a spring day that definitely felt like summer.

An hour and a half after first joining the line we were eventually in the event (we later found out that they could only hold a limited number of people in the expo’s hall at one time),  and we were greeted with another shock.

To Many People And No New Information

The room that the even was held in didn’t seem much bigger than a single field indoor stadium and it was jam packed with people looking for mining jobs, recruitment companies and training providers.

The event was definitely a success based on the number of people that it pulled, but having that many people was also a downside because you could not seem to get the attention of the stall holders for any decent conversations because there were so many people cramming around you for the same information.

Infact, we received the following feedback from one attendee on our Facebook page:

I would like to know why they run the Expo?  you go along and wait to talk to everyone and they tell you to ‘get on our website’……and the point is?  Did anyone else find this?

So with that being said, here is how to find all the information available at the Mining & Gas Jobs Expo…

The Event Stall Holders

These website will give you all the information you would have got if you attended the Mining and Gas Jobs expo.

What About The Seminars?

There were 3 seminars each run twice throughout the day, but we didn’t get to any of them.

Their topics were:

  • Pathways and Employment Opportunities In the Energy and Gas Sector – Energy Skills Queensland
  • Pathways and Employment Opportunities In the Resources Industry – Mining Industry Skills Centre
  • Construction Roles Needed In the Resources Industry – Construction Skills Queensland

Benefits Of The Expo

While I may seem quite critical of the effectiveness of the expo for job seekers, there were a couple of positive points that I thought made the expo worth while (for the QLD Government, Employers and Training Providers, as well as job seekers).

  1. Shows The Strength and Interest In The QLD Mining Industry
    I will admit that the amount of people that turned out totally shocked me. Now I know this is a result of the current economic climate, but when you combine the turnout for the expo with the 3,000+ mining jobs currently said to be unfilled in Queensland it shows there is not only interest in the sector, but strength and growth.
  2. Great Advertisement For The QLD Government
    The QLD Government has been plugging the 38,000 new QLD mining jobs and the Resources 101 course for the last couple of weeks and these expos were just one big advertisement for these two announcements. With 5,000 people at the Sunshine Coast expo and around 10,000 at the Gold Coast one – I’d say that the state government would be more than happy with the return on their investment.
  3. Opportunity For Job Seekers To Find New Options
    And not to leave job seekers out of this, there were employers and training opportunities that we were previously unaware of, so the big benefit from those looking for jobs in the mines is that it opened up new avenues of contact and research for finding a mining job.

If you attended one of the QLD Mining & Gas Jobs Expo, then leave your thoughts on the events at the Mining Jobs Australia Facebook page.

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